Clothing Donations

The Clothesline actively solicits clothing donations from the community in support of its mission.  In keeping with our focus, we request that clothing appropriate for school aged kids (K-12).

To best use our valuable volunteer time and limited store space, please ensure that donations are clean and in excellent condition.  We cannot use clothing that is:

  • Stained
  • Damaged
  • Worn-out or with pet hair


Where and When to Donate

We are not taking clothing donations during August while we transition the store to the fall/winter season.

Please do not drop off bags as we cannot process them.  

We expect to re-open for clothing donations in September.

Donations can be dropped off at [location] or at certain participating schools, including [list].

School One

School Two

School Three

School Four

If you are interested in hosting a clothing drive for The Clothesline, please call us at 703-243-2615 or We can provide you with helpful information about planning your drive and which items are particularly in need.