Clothing Donations

The Clothesline is once again accepting clothing donations in support of its mission.

Clothes must be clean and in excellent condition.  To help our volunteers, donations should be bagged and labeled with the sizes enclosed.

For more details on donation criteria, please see our current donation flyer.

As we are unable to host volunteers in the store during the pandemic, we ask that labeled donation bags be dropped at one of the collection points below.

Where and When to Donate

  • 1601 N. Edgewood Street (Clarendon):  Every day 8AM-9PM
  • 2909 N. Nottingham Street (Williamsburg):  Sat and Sun 11AM-6PM
  • 928 N. Quesada Street (Madison Manor):  Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM

Donations can be dropped off at [location] or at certain participating schools, including [list].

School One

School Two

School Three

School Four