Clothing Donations

The Clothesline actively solicits clothing donations from the community in order to carry out its mission of serving families in need and reusing clothing within the community.

As we no longer have volunteers active in the store, The Clothesline is not accepting general donations, only Home Service Projects. To prepare your Home Service Project, please only include clean clothing that is free of rips, stains, pet hair, and excessive wear. Donated clothing should then be placed in labelled separate bags by gender, size, and season. Only summer clothing at this time. We are not able to accept shoes and accessories. To see the sizes that we are currently accepting and drop off days, please click the link below.

We appreciate your cooperation in only dropping off Home Service Projects. With no on-site volunteer help, this is the only way for us to continue to serve low-income families in Arlington.

Please see drop off times and specific sizes needed in the form at this link.


Donations can be dropped off at [location] or at certain participating schools, including [list].

School One

School Two

School Three

School Four